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SWAT Team Counter Strike Force


SWAT Force Captain! There’s a security threat alert from 911 emergency. Members of terrorist organization are about to rob diamond mine outside city quarry. Join SWAT Team Counter Strike Force for action against terrorists and eliminate threats to security.Terrorists teamed up with underworld gangs mafia to steal diamonds from mountain cave. They are excavating treasure from gold mine via railcar. Enemy will buy advanced weapons and firepower to spread terrorism in city. To counter this brutal plan, elite police force is very critical. SWAT team is last hope to control this crisis situation. Take your killer sniper gun and ammo to engage with underworld thieves and murderers, derail their plan to buy warhead. Terrorists have kidnapped foreman and innocent civilians are held hostages while some are killed by gunner. Strike with maximum force to engage in brutal shooting action and kill all armed robbers and terrorists.
Play as elite killer trained under special weapons and tactics squad. Rush to diamond mine, smugglers are stealing gold treasure in wooden cart moving on rail road. Intercept their robbery plan and start shooting terrorists. Aim for head shot and take out enemy sniper gunman outside. Create diversion to counter enemy’s escape plan during hostile situation. In disparate battlefield location, arrest is not an option. Shoot and kill bad guys in mine to save innocent civilian and rescue hostages. Kill terrorist squad armed with sub-machine gun, stun grande and more.
SWAT Force Crime Simulator Features:
10 extreme challenging shooting killer missions to rescue minersMultiple advanced sniper rifles for battlefield actionReal life crisis situation and massive mine environmentRealistic physics controls for smooth shootingConsole quality 3D graphics and many heuristic features
Download SWAT Team Counter Strike Force and enjoy intense action in this 3D elite simulator game.